Saepio's Guide to Business Email Compromise

... the cyber trickery costing businesses billions

Block fraudulent emails from landing in your mailboxes with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway and Targeted Threat Protection 


the average cost of Business Email Compromise (BEC)* 


organisations impacted by BEC** 


the worldwide losses resulting from BEC since 2016* 

Have you ever received an email posing to be your CEO requesting an urgent payment?

Or can you recall a customer receiving an email supposedly from your company requesting they make a payment? 

Use Threat Intelligence tools to quickly identify and remove look-a-like domains, mimicked websites and fake social media profiles using your brand to dupe your customers and business partners.

Invest in your Human Firewall – no matter how good, technology won’t prevent 100% of email threats so when something sneaks past the defences, ensure employees are aware and educated about the risk of BEC.  Think before you click.

Work with a vCISO to implement best practice policy and process to minimise the risk of company money being transferred to a criminal.  Also apply a supply chain risk management strategy to reduce risk of BEC from business partners.

Configure a DMARC record to protect your brand and prevent your email domain from being used fraudulently against your business partners and customers.

Maybe an email purporting to be from a trusted supplier requesting you set-up new bank details? 

* Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report  ** Mimecast 2019 State of Email Security Report

These fraudulent emails are getting more sophisticated, more regular, more targeted and more difficult to detect. Ultimately they are causing businesses of all sizes significant losses amounting to £billions annually. 






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The cyber trickery costing businesses £billions!

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